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Welcome to my UpViral Review. If you are looking for a honest UpViral Review, then you have come to a right place.

UpViral Review – Overview:

  1. Product Name: UpViral
  2. Creator: Wilco de Kreij
  3. Date Of Launch: 2016-04-07
  4. Time Of Launch: 10:00AM EST
  5. Official Price: $47-$297(Limited time)
  6. Special Offer: Yes Click here
  7. Bonus: Yes

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What is UpViral and who created it?

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UpViral is the latest product release from Wilco de Kreij. You may not know who Wilco is, but you have probably heard of some of his products. He is known for creating excellent quality internet marketing software and tools that increase productivity, traffic and ultimately, sales. One of his most notable products is Videoskin. UpViral is set to be Wilco’s biggest launch yet and in our opinion, probably his best product to date (and that’s saying something as everything he puts out is amazing). Continue reading our UpViral review to learn more on this product or, if you prefer, click to go straight to the official UpViral website.

How UpViral Work – Leverage your leads

You can use Upviral to grow rapidly your business in a multitude of ways.
•    Point systems: You can grant them points for sharing your offer on social network sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. These points unlock your offers; you set up the point cost and the offer it unlocks. You can even have multiple offers for doing share different tasks.
•    Contests: You can run your contest and give your leads a higher chance of winning a prize based on how many times they get their friends to sign up for free. Everyone that signs up becomes a new lead for you who will go out and do the same.
•    YOU get full control: You decide what action you want them to take, how many points it earns them, what prizes it unlocks or what content they get as a reward. There are endless ways to set up this system, and YOU are in control.
•    Upviral integration: It is simple to add flawlessly your campaign into your already existing webpages and lead generating funnels. There is no need to create a new page just for your Upviral offer. That is what truly makes this viral system SO powerful. You can simply add your viral offer into the existing funnel at any point you wish.
•    Upviral automation: The automated system will take care of all your follow up emails to leads. Every lead you get will get gentle email reminders to keep sharing your content. There is even built-in split testing to see exactly what kind of email campaign works best for you.
•    Hands off delivery of your products, contests and give-aways: When your leads have earned enough points the system delivers your reward to them on auto pilot. This makes for a truely hands off experience so you can focus on growing your product or business

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UpViral Pricing

With UpViral, Wilco has created pricing models to suit any budget!
Here are the three options available:
1.    $37 per month subscription
2.    $197 per year – (That’s a $247 savings over monthly)
3.    $297 for a LIFETIME subscription

UpViral Upsells
This review on UpViral isn’t over just yet as when you purchase UpViral, you will also have the chance to get your hands on two additional products Wilco is offering at this time. They are ConnectAudience and Viral Hacking Masterclass. Here is our very brief review of the Upviral upsell products.
If you are planning on getting just one of the upsells, then this is the one to get! ConnectAudience could be a MAJOR product in it’s own right as it is that good! This product works off Facebook’s API (if you know anything about Facebook API access, then you know this is HUGE). Somehow, Wilco got permission to have Upviral connect to Facebook’s API interface, which means, through ConnectAudience, you can now hook up your autoresponder straight to your Facebook Ad’s account. Major game changer! With this, you will be able to see exactly which of your subscribers use Facebook, and you will be able to collect their Facebook user information so you can run CUSTOM Facebook Adverts.
You can go into deep details such as:
•    Which of your subscribers on Facebook have bought from you in the past
•    Which of your subscribers also on Facebook open up your emails the most
•    Which subscribers using Facebook bought a particular product and also what products they bought from you in the past
•    Which subscribers also on Facebook clicked a particular link or even opened a particular email you sent
With this new ability to run custom Facebook ads, you can promote to your list DAILY, and it won’t be seen as spammy. Every time they log into Facebook they will see your ads in the right hand side reminding them to visit your site keeping your business top of mind. ConnectAudience gives you the power to promote your business via email and again when the user logs in to their Facebook account.
It is estimated that the average Facebook user logs in up to 10x a day! That’s at least 10 times a day you can promote your brands message to your customers! Combine this with an Upviral giveaway contest, and the number of sales and leads you can create is limited only to a number of ads you want to run and your imagination! This upsell cost $27 per month or $197 per year. Definitely worth it and recommended!
Viral Hacking Masterclass
This product is a 6 week video class (there is a bonus 7th week) that teaches you exactly what you need to know to make your UpViral campaigns go from good to great! The course is taught by Wilco himself and the bonus 7th week is where Wilco goes over a case study. You will get to see an over the shoulder view of Wilco putting his top tactics in action and what is hot and working right now. If you want to take your UpViral campaigns to the max, then this upsell is recommended although it is not required. This upsells $97 as a one time fee.

UpViral Review – Conclusion

Why do I suggest you buy this app?

We started this UpViral review to find out what are the pros and cons of the platform, to see how efficient it’s designed and if it can really benefit any kind of business. We can say now that UpViral is the tidy package that is easy to tie up in the existing framework of your website, it simply streamlines the processes and make it easy and simple for you to run a viral marketing campaign. It has a very user-friendly interface that will assist your business in keeping the referral marketing program consistent and customized.

I have my best experience with UpViral , try this to be in same state of mind as I am right now.


UpViral Bonus Package

And of course UberOptin integrates with UpViral as well.

And of course UberOptin integrates with UpViral as well.

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